Create a bootable MenuetOS CD

Very Important: Make sure that your Bios fully supports the el-torito cd format.

Incompatible bios versions include:
- Phoenix Award Bios v6.00PG
- Insyde BIOS with Intel Macs

Bootable CD instructions:

1) Download and unzip and 1.4MB Menuet image.

2) Combine the ISO-header with Menuet image

   Dos:  copy /b isohdr + MenuetImage.img mboot.iso
   Unix: cat isohdr MenuetImage.img > mboot.iso

   Resulting mboot.iso size: 1527808 bytes.

3) Burn mboot.iso to CD and boot

   CD burning application should recognize the used 'el-torito cd' format.

Note that the CD image is for booting only and does not include a ISO9660 filesystem.